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West Bromwich minibus hire boast a fleet of cars for it diverse clientele. Whether you are looking for a vehicle for a short-term hire, such as a day or long-term hire for a couple of months, we have got you covered. Today, most people prefer short-term hire as the company gets to meet the maintenance costs and repairs that come with being in possession of the vehicle. Additionally, you can enjoy riding in different vehicles, which depends on your requirements.

For example, business organisations that require a transport solution for inter-branch employee transfer focus on engaging regular minibuses. However, where the organisation is hosting international clients, it may need to change vehicles to more luxurious ones with minimal paperwork.

The last economic recession, for example, forced organisations to lay off a great deal of employees. Companies that had purchased a large fleet of cars sold them at prices that were lower than the market rates while others had lots of idle vehicles. Hiring West Bromwich minibus hire saves the organisation from such losses and inconveniences that come with rising numbers of employees in a company.

West Bromwich meets all such needs with vehicles accommodating 8-72 passengers in that we have the 8-seat minibus hire, 14-seat minibus hire and 16, 24, 33 up to a 72-seat coach hire. Additionally, since businesses are faced with fluctuating employee numbers, engaging a reliable minibus hire company makes more economic sense.

8 Seater Minibus Hire

If you are a small group then an 8-seater West Bromwich Minibus hire works perfectly. The vehicle features an entertainment and air conditioning system, as well as a GPS device, making your journey not only comfortable but also exciting. The vehicle also comes fitted with a comfortable seat pitch that provides adequate leg room and storage space for your luggage. Its seats are foldable, making it extremely practical for family outings, small gatherings and quick visits to different tourist attractions. Also, it is also ideal for airport transfers.

An 8-seater minibus makes a convenient means of transport for a small group as everyone gets to sync his schedule with the others, and visit different tourist attractions in the area fast. Our aim is to make you collections and drop-offs hassle-free for everyone in your crew by ensuring your journey goes according to schedule.

As such, whether you are planning for a day trip, a night-out, a week-long vacation or just a one-off drop-off, our 8-seater minibus is ready for all such journeys and other perks that will make your vacation exciting. Additionally West Bromwich minibus hire does not restrict the kind of people who can use an 8-seater minibus; people of all ages and abilities are assured of comfort as we endeavour to meet every client’s transportation needs.

12 seater Minibus Hire

This vehicle has adequate space to carry a large number of people to a wedding, birthday party or funeral. Since it is designed to carry a small group, this 12-seater minibus is also ideal for corporate events, day school trips and a church group day out. Constructed according to industry standards, this 12-seater West Bromwich minibus hire provides adequate space to ensure your crew arrives relaxed and full of energy for the party. The minibus is less than six years old and comes equipped with the latest technology.  It is also spacious and boasts lots of ergonomic features to enhance comfort during your trip.

As such, booking a 12-seater minibus allows you to enjoy the best of what West Bromwich offers with friends and family while ensuring timely arrivals and visiting lots of tourist attractions. Be it a dash to a business meeting or the much-awaited bachelor’s party, you are sure to arrive on time. Our drivers arrive a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time to ensure you get to the different destinations in time.

14 Seater Standard Hire

Since it has a capacity of 14 passengers, this standard hire minibus is ideal for airport transfers, a school trip, church outings, a wedding, a day’s trip and corporate events. The vehicle is more spacious than the 12-seater standard hire, which allows travellers to carry more luggage.  This industry standard vehicle also comes fitted with an air conditioning system, onboard music, reclining seats, additional leg room and the latest technology. Being less than 6 years old, you should expect a smooth ride from your pick up point to your destination. Time is of the essence especially when it comes to events such as wedding or business meetings or need to transport large numbers of people, hence our drivers will always arrive a few minutes early to ensure you arrive in time. With West Bromwich 14-seater standard hire, you give your family or colleagues a well-deserved trip where they can interact with one another while getting the best out of the travelling experience.

16-Seater Standard Hire

The vehicle ideal for transporting small groups of business partners, family members, teams and friends on a short or long trip to various attractions at West Bromwich. This West Bromwich minibus hire provides two options for its customers; a standard hire and an executive hire option. The standard hire features a Ford Transit with state-of-art technology while the executive package provides a luxurious Mercedes ride for corporate events. Note that the standard hire package does not compromise on comfort as it comes fitted with flexible seats that have ample leg room so your crew doesn’t arrive tired. Its ergonomic design provides efficiency and adequate space to store luggage. The standard package is ideal for carrying groups of school children from one place to another easily. It is also perfect for sporting clubs that need to transport their players to a particular destination. The executive hire option, on the other hand, features a plush interior and the latest technological features that enhance your safety on the road. They also come fitted with navigation systems to help the chauffeur to quickly find choice restaurants and attractions. Since the executive package focuses on professionalism, it is ideal for corporate events, important family occasions and business meetings that need a presentable look. The main benefit of a 16-seater minibus is the additional space available for clients, (say a baseball team) to store their equipment while feeling relaxed and comfortable in preparation for the game.

24 Seater Bus Hire

This West Bromwich minibus is ideal for small sports teams that are travelling to events, employees attending a corporate function or if you are going for a day out at the races. The 24-seater minibus features onboard entertainment and comfortable seats that ensures your crew arrives full of energy. It also has a GPS system that helps the driver maneuver alternative routes by avoiding the hustle that comes with traffic on busy roads while the air conditioning system provides a cool breeze for you and your friends throughout the trip. What’s more, the minibus features add-ons that are designed to enhance comfort for people of all ages and abilities. It also has copious space for you to store luggage or other heavy items. Note that with West Bromwich minibus hire for the 24-seater, you are sure to rid of the qualms that come with looking for a reliable minibus hire firm. Our drivers are licensed and have gone through rigorous driving tests to ensure safety for our clients, thus enhancing reliability. As such, if you are planning to collect your crew from different stops and meet at a particular area to start your journey, you only need to make the arrangements with our reliable drivers and team. We go beyond providing basic transportation needs; our priority is to ensure comfort for our clients.

33 Seater Bus Hire

This compact coach carries a relatively medium-sized group, hence ideal for short business trips and shuttling for an end year party. It allows you to enjoy most of West Bromwich attractions alongside friends and colleagues. As you board this 33-seater from West Bromwich minibus hire, you are sure to explore the scenic views of the countryside, churches, chapels and nightclubs together, especially if you are travelling during the night. This West Bromwich minibus features a breezy air conditioning system to enhance comfort during the warm periods of July to September. What’s more, this 33-seater minibus comes fitted with ergonomically designed seating areas that reduce back strain and allow adequate leg room so that employees arrive energised for the business activities. Bands hiring this 33-seater minibus are assured of adequate storage areas for their equipment. It also comes fitted with entertainment fixtures to reduce boredom during your trip. We pride in our professionally trained drivers who are well-versed with West Bromwich routes and are willing to cruise the areas for ideal shopping centers, attractions and restaurants to enhance the customer’s comfort throughout the trip. Thus, whether you are attending a week-long corporate event, making a musical tour or just going for a round trip around West Bromwich, this 33-seater bus provides comfort and an exciting time for you and your friends.

49 Seater Coach Hire

Designed for a medium sized group, the 49-seater boasts an air conditioning system, adequate storage space and comfortable seats that are ideal for long trips. West Bromwich Minibus hire has also installed an entertainment system to keep you entertained during the long journey. Additionally, our 49-seater coaches, provide adequate leg room for you to relax during the trip. The vehicle is ideal for people going for a stag party, church outing, school trip or teambuilding event. We ensure a timely arrival at your tourist attraction, party or other event in question. Note that West Bromwich Minibus hire for the 49-seater coach hire provides two options; the luxury and standard coaches that allow clients to choose an ideal package for their requirements. The luxury coach comes with extra trimmings for a smooth ride and makes the perfect ride for clients such as business executives and dignitaries who are looking for a luxurious coach ride. The standard package, on the other hand, does not compromise on the kind of service it provides as it also offers a comfortable ride to the clients. All 49-seater coaches are less than six years old and feature modern fixtures.


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