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Having being in business for over a decade, West Bromwich minibus hire boasts a wealth of experience in the minibus hire industry. It has a vast fleet of minibuses and coaches for hire, providing top-notch comfort to our clients. We ensure every vehicle adds value to your service delivery. Punctuality is of the essence, hence you are sure our drivers will arrive at your collection points on time. Apart from the extensive fleet of 8-seater, 12-seater and 16-seater minibuses, we offer luxurious saloon cars for executives to meet the needs of our broad clientele. They come fitted with plush and spacious interiors to enhance your comfort throughout your long trip. Here’s a brief highlight of the fleet of vehicles used by West Bromwich minibus:


We at West Bromwich minibus, are renowned for high-quality transportation services and the use of quality minibuses and coaches. It is because we ensure all vehicles procured are top range and follow industry standards regarding comfort. All our vehicles are 2 to 6 years old and go through regular maintenance procedures to ensure top notch performance and guarantee that your transportation needs are catered for. Here’s a brief discussion of vehicles used by West Bromwich minibus:

  1. Iveco 16-seater Minibus Standard

The vehicle is ideal for interstate jaunts accommodating a manageable passenger capacity of 16 people. With this 16-seater minibus by West Bromwich minibus, you are assured of comfort and style throughout your journey. It comes fitted with reclining seats, accessible luggage racks that allow a maximum storage capacity of 2.5m3roof trimming and new flooring, giving the illusion of a home away from home. Iveco 16-seater minibus also features two types of doors, different seating layouts and three lengths. It allows us to customise the vehicle according to your requirements without compromising on comfort, passenger capacity and its incredible features.The vehicle also comes fitted with LED lights and individual air conditioning vents, according to the recently introduced high-level standard to enhance our client’s comfort during the night. Additionally, with the built-in satellite navigation system and a reversing camera, driving an Iveco 16-seater minibus has never been as enjoyable. The USB ports on every seat keep your phones and other electronic devices juiced up during the long journey, while the coffee machine and drinks fridge fitted beside the driver’s seat keep you energized. The beauty of Iveco 16-seater minibus is the ease with which you can customise different features to particular customer requirements. We have requested for an installation of stop buttons, destination display boards and ticket machines for our minibuses. Additionally if you are planning to travel along with people who have disabilities, we usually request some quick-removal seats and rear access ramps to enhance their comfort. Iveco 16-seater features a CNG powered engine, which is eco-friendly.

  1. 12-16-seater Ford Transit Minibus Standard

West Bromwich minibus also features the 12-16-seater Ford transit. We have added it to our fleet of cars as it gives a range of the number of passengers it can carry; 12-16. As such, clients who are expecting to accommodate more than the planned 12 tourists have four extra seats. This model is specially designed for carrying passengers, featuring three body lengths and three roof heights. Constructed according to Ford’s tough standards, the minibus is quite durable and is designed for flexibility and capability. Additionally our 12-16 seater Ford transit minibuses come fitted with the latest technology-Ford Sync. It allows you to use voice commands to play songs from an iPod or MP3, as well as stream music via Bluetooth. This way, your journey to Dudley Zoo and Castle or other attraction in West Bromwich is full of fun. It also features automatic headlights, which use a sensor to detect failing light in the evening or sudden changes in light conditions, enhancing the safety of our clients.The electronic stability control feature helps monitor the progress of the vehicle while driving. As such, it alerts the driver in case he loses grip by automatically applying brakes to individual wheels. Its traction control system and anti-lock braking feature also help monitor the behavior of this vehicle. The passenger’s seats are designed to allow a four-way adjustment system while the rubber floor covering keeps our clients warm even during chilly nights.

  1. Mercedes 8 and 16 Seaters Executive

West Bromwich Minibus has included this luxurious ride for clients looking to attend a wedding, business meeting or other social event in style. It holds 9-20 adult passengers comfortably. Where our clients are travelling with children, West Bromwich may request for booster seats for the children. What’s more, if you still need to work on a few documents online while travelling, this plush Benz comes with an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to surf using free Wi-Fi. Both 8 and 16 seaters have reclining seats and panoramic windows that provide a clear view of the travelling party. Additionally, the seats feature plush leather seating, onboard entertainment, ambient lighting and an effective climate control system that keeps you relaxed even during hot weather. The characteristic Mercedes-Benz refinements like DVD systems make this vehicle perfect for carrying executives to functions or conducting corporate training on the go while having a little bit of pleasure during the long journey. The air-conditioning vents and LED reading lights are fitted for use for each passenger while the built-in refrigerators allow clients to store their drinks for as long as they want. The large decker storage installed above the passenger seats allow you to store up to 16 suitcases while allowing easy accessibility, so you don’t have to worry about carrying the luggage.

  1. Renault 16 Seater Standard

If you are looking to strike a balance between comfort and style without breaking the bank, the Renault 16 seater standard minibus is just the ride you need to hire. Having worked with West Bromwich community for more than a decade, we are acquainted with most of our clients’ needs. The minibus accommodates 14-16 passengers and comes fitted with reclining seats to ensure comfort during your journey. Renault seems to have added lots of touches to make the standard model feel luxurious and safe. The seats feature diagonal seat belts and a three-point lap system while the dashboard comes fitted with classy white dials, panoramic sunroof, a Bluetooth connection and a lane departure warning. It also has a large storage area for your luggage. The air conditioning system enhances comfort during hot or chilly weather while the panoramic windows and full draw curtains allow you to enjoy the best of the West Bromwich countryside.

  1. Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard

This luxurious 16-seater minivan Volkswagen helps reduce the impact of long driving time to create a better experience during your trip from the beginning to the end. It has been manufactured by Volkwagen after conducting thorough research to develop comfortable means of transport for passengers with luxurious features. Volkswagen crafter 16 Seater standard from West Bromwich minibushire features a front and rear air conditioning system and LCD monitors to keep you entertained. The push-back seats are made of leather and come fitted with seat belts for additional comfort and safety. The minibus also provides a lot of space for storing luggage, and features power door locks and windows. This van also has a front grille that improves the look of the vehicle and its practicality, making it ideal for family tours, airport transfers and corporate meetings, among other social events.

West Bromwich Minibus Popular Coaches

We have different sizes of vehicles as explained below:

8 Seater Minibus Hire

This is suitable for small groups going on a tour or excursion as it comes with air conditioning, an entertainment system, as well as a GPS. All these facilities ensure that you get to your destination safe and sound. The 8 seater minibus also has a comfortable seat pitch, sufficient leg room and a large area to convey the hand luggage of its passengers. The vehicle can be used for airport transfers or any other event and is extremely clean on the inside and outside.

12 Seater Minibus Hire

You can use this car for transportation at your wedding or any other event. It has sufficient space and is air conditioned to ensure you get to your destination not only on time but also refreshed.

14 Seater Standard Hire

With the 14-seater, you can pick up important corporate guests at the airport. It comes with a lot of space, luggage area and elbow room. All these features will ensure that your guests are comfortable as they move to their hotel or business appointments.


16 Seater Standard Hire

With this car, you can organize the best event of your life. It is equipped with facilities that can adequately serve a small group going on an outing or excursion.

16 Seater Executive Hire

This vehicle has seats made of leather to ensure that you are comfortable. It also has DVD and CD players, as well as airconditioning to keep you refreshed all through your journey. Our 16 seater-executive is suitable for groups that are not too large. It is also suitable for any trip or event as it is equipped with awesome facilities.

24 Seater Bus Hire

This car is good for small church or school groups that want to go on a trip or excursion within the UK. It comes with very comfortable seats, as well as aircondition so that you won’t feel anything even if you have to travel for a long time.

33 Seater Bus Hire

This is suitable for friends going on a trip to the seaside. It is very affordable. With this vehicle, our extremely skilled drivers can take you anywhere you want without stress.

49 Seater Coach Hire

This can take as much as 49 persons in one ride. It is comfortable and comes with air conditioning as well as sufficient space for luggage. To ensure that passengers are not bored on long trips, it also comes with entertainment.

In our fleet, you will find coaches that can take up to 72 persons in a single ride. Our services are, no doubt, the best and our services are remarkably affordable. You can make use of our online booking system. With this, you can get a quote immediately you book with us.